Sector7 is a salon concept brought to Historic Del Paso Blvd in Uptown Sacramento from a galaxy far, far away

Our upsacle hair salon with a geeky flare strives to walk in the steps of our favorite heroes in fandom by promoting inclusiveness, community, and love for all humans.

State of the art COVID Safety

Upper air UV light system safely deactivate airborne viruses overhead.

Rental Opportunity For Everyone

We offer affordable rent and options for new stylists to build up to the full rent.

Lots of Space for Safety and Comfort

With a huge open room and 15ft ceilings, there is plenty of space to spread out.


Our seasoned stylists will teach consistent ongoing education along with professional classes run by WELLA and SEVEN haircair.

Merch Store

With our super cool merch store, you'll have the opportunity to earn commission not just on hair product but vintage toys, vintage Playboy's, and local nerdy art.

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Podcast Studio

Home of The Hardly Heroes Podcast, with room to rent for start up podcasts. Equipped with UV lights, filtration, and sanitation for COVID safety.